Pieces, pieces, pieces...
Something you may not receive just by listening to the album is the way I view the ‘pieces’ portion of the title conceptually.
We make it a habit these days, especially via social media, to treat people like the piece of them that we received is all they are; or all they could be. 
It allows no room for public growth.
All the perspectives I spoke from on this album were not given to me from birth or adolescence. Like most people.
I had to grow before my ideas about consent could be the basis of ‘consensual seduction’. I had to suffer from not dealing with deep rooted issues; and then work through trying to deal with them correctly before I could contextualize it all the way I did in ‘stress fracture’ 
Songs like ‘pull up’ don’t come together without self reflection and awareness and THAT doesn’t happen without growth.
If you dubbed me a way because of a mistake; if you damned me to be one way for the rest of my being because I was wrong, while sometimes understandable.. you’re wrong. 
You got a piece of me. And I may have only gotten a piece of you and I feel like, it’s important we don’t forget that.